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Below, you will find a collection of neologisms, written as and when I make them up and decide to post them. Feel free to tell me what you think of them. We'll see how we go as this site takes shape.

Cat-food wage noun

Definition: The amount of money, often paid as a pension or welfare, required to sustain someone in the cheapest accommodation eating the cheapest, lowest quality food available.
Example: In some societies, the poor who must rely on welfare are forced to subsist on food not designed for human consumption. An uncomfortable joke has them eating cat food. This wage, not even a real living wage, is a cat-food wage.
Usage: The union leaders complained that, while the company executives earned millions, the workers only earned a cat-food wage.
History: Alex Lubansky first used this term in this context in a blog on pensions for elderly.

Social Warming noun

Definition: A societal state where, through accumulation of poor socio-communal choices and misguided views on happiness, social fabric breaks down.
Example: Increased availability of television and other individual pursuits in the late 20th century led to a decline in communal organisations. Despite increased wealth and prosperity through economic growth, this social warming led to a rise in mental health issues.
Usage: Increased mobility leads to social warming.
History: Drawing parallels with reports related to global warming, Alex Lubansky first used this term in this context in a blog on the topic as part of his series on The Disconnect Revolution. Shortly after Social Warming's inclusion in all relevant dictionaries, the term "Social Warming Skeptic" was coined to deride the opinions of people who either didn't believe in social warming as a phenomenon or believed that it was real but did not believe that it was anthropogenic.

Koala Park noun

Definition: A situation where you attempt something and, not only do your stated aims not happen, but your actions led to something you didn't want.
Example: If you shut the stable door once the horse has bolted, the horse tries to get back in, can't, and bolts again, then the stable is a Koala Park.
Usage: I tried my best, but it just became one big Koala Park; As terrorism increases in the wake of the Iraq war, America's policy has become a Koala Park.
History: Named after Koala Park near Creswick, Victoria, Australia, in 1942, Forestry Students erected netting around the park so they could observe Koala's breeding habits. Unfortunately, in their excitement to make koala porn, they forgot something: koalas climb trees. The result - the koalas escaped from the park, so that there are far more koalas outside Koala Park than inside it. In short, Koala Park became a Koala Park rather than a park with koalas.

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