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There's Klingons on the starboard bow

It's life Jim, but not as we know it. Ok, I figured there was no need to start off yet another entry with "sorry, I've been busy." I figure readers will have guessed that. And you know what. It's life. Not as we knew it, but we're getting used to it.

Mark will be 8 weeks old this weekend. Within that time, Mum (Bobbe) and Dad (Grandaddles) have gone home. Bec's parents (Nana Joan and Zayda Keith) have come and gone. It was great having them here, great that they got to spend time getting to know their grandson, great that they were able to help with chores, and fantastic that they got to change nappies!

So far there has only been one nappy that has made me want to throw up. The rest I have taken calmly and in my stride. Mark is generally sleeping quite well - I think I have lost more sleep thinking about work at 3AM than I have because of him crying. It is kinda funny watching the 4AM Mark makes a noise, Bec picks him up in her sleep, Mark feeds half-asleep, Bec puts him back and they both go back to sleep properly routine.

I'm not going to go through all the developmental milestones he has achieved yet, mostly because it isn't a competition and I don't want the parents reading this whose children weren't able to burp the alphabet at 4 weeks old to feel bad.

To Rebecca's relief, he has broadened out his musical tastes somewhat. While he still likes heavy metal best, and I'll know that both he and Bec have had a bad day if I come home to Pantera's 5 minutes alone, he seems to like a few different styles (and seems to dislike a few styles too, particularly jazz). And he likes being danced around the room. But then, he seems fascinated by the downstairs wallpaper. I'm not convinced that babies are renowned for their aestethic taste. So saying, he didn't choose it. He just stares at it.

We have found lots of games he likes playing. He likes playing "follow the fingers" and being bounced up and down by someone on the Swiss ball. In fact, it has not been an uncommon evening where I have come home, switched on the computer, bounced up and down on the ball while holding Mark in one arm and working with the other. In fact, it has not been an uncommon evening where I haven't avoided using double negatives.

We had our first run of illness as a cold worked its way through the household. Didn't stop Mark feeding though. In fact, nothing seems to stop Mark feeding - he's definitely his Daddy's boy. While doing some experiments while I had the cold, I was torn: having sneezed into a tissue, part of me said, "I wonder what its extensional rheology", while part of me answered, "That's disgusting. That'snot appropriate."

These entries take far longer than they did a few months ago. Mostly because I keep stopping to turn and look at my beautiful little boy sleeping peacefully while Henry Rollins screams out "Rage" on the stereo. Or picking up to play with him as he stirs. Or dancing him around while Bec sets up for a feed.

Last weekend, Mark went to his first birthday party as we went to Anja and Simon's place to celebrate Anja's birthday. As usual, Mark was the centre of attention. It was a good afternoon / evening, and I'm fairly sure Bec enjoyed the chance to spend some time in the company of adults-who-are-not-new-mothers, even if she does seem to be making good use of having a social network of mothers.

And, of course, life goes on. Besides work, I have still mostly kept up my other activities when I can. Welsh class has broken for the summer, but not before we could take Mark in for his first class! He speaks Welsh as well as he speaks English.

Footy has started again. Swansea has quite a few exciting new players, and I am really looking forward to some of these players donning the Welsh Dragon later in the year. My creaking, aging body keeps trying to tell me that I'm not 22 anymore, but that only seems to mean I limp through the week before running out again on the weekend. It's good to be back.

But yeah, life is different. Things take more planning. We can't just move off at the spur of the moment. We do need to stay with him. Thing is, you read the books, and these are made out to be negatives, but I don't see them as such. It is just the way things are. I guess it is what happens when you have a new member of the family. Life is good.


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