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A quick catch-up

Well, it's been over a week. That must mean that I've been getting heaps done. It must! right? Right? (And the tumbleweed cliched across the plateau - and if anyone other than Rev gets that reference I'll be impressed)

Thursday, I went into uni. On my way, I bumped into Simon. It was good to catch up with him, even if it was only brief, as we both had places to be. At uni, it was the usual mix of catching up with people, not getting very much done and printing out my thesis.

Tristan and Justin were down from Brisbane because Tristan was presenting a departmental seminar because he is almost finished (moderately ahead of me, by the sounds of things). I had a nice chat to Tristan.

Friday I got back to work. More of the same really. Friday night, I went to the Grampians with Drew, Frank and his son Marcus. It was a fairly spectacular drive, with sheet lightning in the distance.

We were supposed to be taking scouts abseiling. We stayed in cabins on the Friday night (and Saturday night), and when we got to the meeting point, we couldn't find any scouts, and were a little concerned. I said something along the lines of "you don't suppose we've got the wrong weekend?" A couple of frantic calls later, and I hate being right.

Instead, we went and had a coffee at a newly opened cafe and went into Halls Gap. We went back to the cabins for lunch, and I fell asleep on the couch for the afternoon. In the evening, we went into Horsam for a counter meal. Someone had the bright idea of going for an abseil, so, armed with torches and glow sticks, some of us went after dinner. It was fun, although my fear of heights kicked in as I hooked myself up and was approaching the edge, rather than when I was actually going over the edge. In fact, once I got to the edge, I relaxed a lot earlier than I normally do.

Sunday, my hands were a little sore, so I worked on my thesis while the others went either climbing or abseiling. I basically wrote my introduction chapter (yes, I know that's cheating as far as the 2 chapters in two weeks goes, but it has to be done).

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and today have all been fairly similar during the day. Monday: Scouts, we gave the scouts a code with instructions telling them where to go, and they had to go to these places to get a can of coke, a bun and some cheese. Last night: Beach volleyball, we won one set. They have changed the rules. The new rule they brought in was that, when you hit the ball over the net to the opposition, the ball is not allowed to touch the top net. I didn't like this rule, because it actually hindered the defensive shots a lot more than the offensive shots. I understand why they did it, but I don't like it. I had a chat to the ref after and told him.

The other main point of interest has been that I got my new PDA. A sharp Zaurus SL-C3000. I haven't had much of a play with it yet, because it is in Japanese and my Japanese is virtually non-existent (I can read most of the hiragana and katakana, but, given that the meaning comes from the kanji, this is not a lot of use!). I couldn't connect it to my computer, because there was some message, but it was in Japanese! When Bec gets back from Sydney (a couple of hours, yay!), I can use our camera to put on the translation pack.

Given that I'm probably only going to put on a post a week, more or less, I should also stick on a story when I do so. I've been tossing up between two fairly similar classics. The runner up (I might do it next week) is Dostoyevsky's "Crime and PhD". Instead here's this weeks. In fact, on second thoughts, they are so similar that I might combine the stories. I might still do C+P next week. I'll do another PhD-free one this week. Try reading this aloud in that patronising, play school type voice.

Roskolnilocks and the three bears

Once upon a time, there was a young Russian named Roskolnilocks. Due to iniquities in the class structure, (oh, sorry, that was last week) Roskolnilocks was very poor. Roddylocks was so poor that he had to keep pawning his porridge to the three bears.

One day, Roskolnilocks decided that he would steal some porridge from one of the three bears. (I think I have gotten in too deep here. I think this is too much of a stretch, but, rather than escaping with my dignity by deleting the last two paragraphs, I'll press on and see where I get to.) Roskolnilocks went into the bears' house and carry out his plan to steal the porridge when things went wrong. When he got into the bears' house, he found three bowls of porride. He took some of the first porridge, but it was too hot. The he took some the second porridge, but it was too cold.

Then, as he was taking the third bowl, he was surprised by the baby bear and the mother bear. He killed them both with a hatchet. He took some of the porridge and took off.

The father bear came looking to find who had perpetrated the theft and murder. Meanwhile, Roskolnilocks tried to lie with his guilt over his actions, but he found it too hard. He then tried to cover up any evidence of his crime, but he was too soft.

Father bear eventually caught someone he thought had done it (he did suspect Roddylocks for a time, but he had no proof) when Roskolnilocks found that he could rest with his conscience just right if he confessed. He did so, and father bear ate him.

Two more stories, two more deaths. Why is it that I can never read books where all the characters survive? At the moment I'm reading Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago. Enough said.


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