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Happy Accountants' New Year

Well, I guess the title says it all. Last night was the last night of the year for accountants to take their clients out for one last deduction, but the festivities have to be finished by midnight.

Carrying on from last post, I practiced my talk a few more times, I'm still not happy with it, but I think that it will do to show Justin on Monday. He wants it polished by then. So do I. We'll see. I'm sure that I will give a scathing review of it next week, anyway. I don't tend to be happy with my presentations.

After 8PM, Rebecca called to say that she had finished the work thing she was doing and would pick me up in 15 minutes. I printed out a copy of the talk, and stood outside at the corner where I was to be picked up and practiced my talk.

We got home at 10PM, and I had dinner. A couple of chunks of meat, anyway. Not exactly nutritious. And I went to sleep, and that was the end of the financial year. I may not have mentioned it, but yesterday I made one last donation, to ensure that we have donated over 10% of out income to charity. Not counting that portion of our taxes which goes towards the Government's social programs.

On the train on the way in, I sit with the regulars. This was quite entertaining. There were various discussions on pretty much everything you can imagine. Or not. But there were a wide range of topics anyway, such as ethanol distillation. This led Jodie (who is a paralympian and won bronze in Athens, I think) to make the comment, "I started an alcohol diet last week, and it really works. I've already lost three days."

Once of the train, and waiting for the city loop train, I caught up with Kylie, who is also on the train, and I haven't seen for a couple of months. After that, I went to Vic Market. Every Friday I buy Challah. The people at the stall know me, and, when they are busy just get out the bread for me without a word being exchanged. When they are not then we talk. Its useful being a regular.

I also bought some peppers stuffed with fetta. This should be a nice treat. I like buying nice treats for Rebecca for Shabbat. And afte rthe week I've had, I'm definitely looking forward to Shabbat, so that I can relax and unwind and stop thinking about work.

Finally, I will leave you with this joke I was sent yesterday in honour of the end of the financial year:

An obnoxious tax auditor was investigating a synagogue, and he has commented to the president, "I see you go through a lot of candles. What do you do with all the drippings."
"Well," said the president. "We collect them all, and every so often we send them to the candle makers, who send us a box of candles."
"Oh" the auditor said, disappointed that the president had an answer. "And you use a lot of bread. What do you do with all the crumbs?"
"We collect them all, and send them to the baker, and every so often he gives us an extra loaf."
The tax auditor was even more disappointed that he was given an answer. He asked, "And what do you do with all the foreskins from the circumcisions?"
"Well, we collect them all up, and once a year we send them to the tax office, and they send us someone like you."


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