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Rabbit sees car

Well, it is the morning of my talk. I went to the first couple of talks. Again, the plenary had the potential to add awkwardness, and again, it didn't. I then stepped out of the talks and went through my talk a couple of times. Pat from Rheology Solutions came up to me and said some encouraging things.

I shared lunch with Dalton, Kris and Richard and awaited my session. I worked out where I wanted to be looking, and I placed Richard there and sat next to him. It is now an hour until my talk, and I have taken care of every detail I can think of, no matter how small.

Key-note lecture was provided by Roger Tanner. It was quite entertaining. In it, he gave the history of two different fluid models. These models caused a lot of controversy over their history. Tanner then proved that these two models reduce to the same thing! I made the comment to Richard that there is never such violent disagreement as when two people agree.


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