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Sleep when the alarm rings

One of the stupider things I've done, but so far there have been no mishaps. I pulled an all-nighter watching the experiment try to reach steady state, I stole two 40 minute naps during the night when I was able to, but besides that, I have been awake all night. I don't find it a pleasurable experience. I can't imagine why anyone would do it by choice. (Yes, I'm aware that it was my choice too, but for me it was a consequence of other choices, rather than part of a chosen lifestyle)

During the course of the night, I carried on an email conversation with Kathy. It was daytime for her. I guess there are advantages. Having only one CD, I played it over and over again, and I basically did anything I could think of to try to stay awake and entertained, and I have almost completed the run of experiments I wanted to complete.

I also used a timer set to ring every hour to keep me awake. While I wasn't falling asleep, it was company. At 6AM, my watch alarm rang. Yesterday, it woke me up. It was an inconvenience meaning I had to wake up before I was ready to. Today, it was a sign of hope. In a few hours, there would be people here. It would break the tedium and monotony.

I'm tired. I feel like, if I'd been keeping progris riports idve aksed sumwun to poot flowars on a mowses grayve.

I have four more data points to collect. I don't know if they are doing the right thing quantitatively, but at least they are behaving themselves qualitatively, and the values are believable.

There's still no justice and no fate in the universe. It's not working as a reward for me staying up all night. Its working because I have learnt from all the many failures and taken something new out of it to try. Probably the coolest thing I thought was - I have a piece to join 2 tubes of different sizes, and the larger side kept falling out. While for the other tubes, I could tie them down with twisted copper wire, I couldn't with this because there was the outer cover of the nozzle piece. I tried cutting it, and couldn't. Instead, I got a stanley knife blade and a hammer... two gentle taps on each side and it came off easily.


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