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Rabbit wants to cross the road

Geoff and Michelle dropped me off at the railway station and I caught a train to the airport. I checked through security and sat outside the flight gate waiting for Rebecca. While I was waiting, there were two announcements.

Announcement one was that a given car is being towed, and the owner should go there immediately. I'd imagine that they'd need to bolt otherwise it would be too late. Announcement two was that another given car had left its hand brake off and was moving.

Eventually, Rebecca's flight arrived. I don't think I need to mention how good it was to see her. The flight to Cairns was uneventful, and, let's face it, you don't need much more than that from a flight.

Rebecca and I went out for dinner and I went through my talk. Sunday, we went out for breakfast before doing a bit of shopping. We then headed down to the convetion centre. We helped with preparations before I practiced my talk a couple of times.

At this point, I still felt like a rabbit wanting to cross the road about my talk. As both of the Sunday afternoon plenary talks began, I felt apprehensive, as both talks had the potential to add awkwardness to my talk. Neither did. I also met a few new people and was reacquainted with various people I had met previously in various professional contexts (and one on a plane trip).

Dinner on Sunday night was quite entertaining. We left after drinks at the conference with Richard (my office-mate), Kris (who I met when I visited Cambridge a couple of years ago) and Tim and June (Tim is at UQ and they were responsible for all the little things which needed doing during the conference). We went to an Italian place outside a backpackers/ nightclub. We were all having pizzas, the place wasn't anywhere near full and dinner took forever to be ready.

During dinner, we were treated to a show on the street. Three drunken, rowdy patrons were ejected from the nightclub. The bouncers were not overly nice, but didn't do anything wrong. One of the ejected patrons squared off to fight one of the bouncers. The bouncer stood straight, arms by his side, looking very relaxed, smirking. It was quite impressive and no fight ensued. Some policemen arrived and the rowdy scene ended incident free.


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