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We got back into Swansea after 8PM, and by the time we actually got home and had dinner, it was quite late. Over the next few days, I was fine during the day, but once it got dark (at about 3PM), I started getting tired, so that I tended to be going to sleep at about 9, so I was waking up at about 5AM. For some reason, though, my body seemed to be on the right time during the day - I could guess the time pretty well without looking and I was getting hungry at the right times. It was only that by mid-evening it had been dark for so long. The cycle seems to be broken now - a couple of days ago I went to sleep mid-evening and slept through.

We've made little bits of progress on the house and have caught up on the housework. It should hopefully all be done by xmas.(Not this year's, though).

We've had two Welsh classes now before the break. One of the lines they taught us: "Even though he's married, he still enjoys life" (Er ei fod e'n briod, mae e'n dal i fwynhau bywyd)

Other notable occurence - after months and months of delays at pretty much every stage of the way, I finally got my force transducer today. Yay! Next year I'll put it to good use extending my equipment's capabilities.

On the global stage, Kofi Annan is going. The world can only be a better place for his absense from the global stage. Over a decade where so many innocent people have died through needless conflict, his policies of cowardice, moral equivalence, appeasement of dictators and murderous regimes and anti-Americanism, while simultaneously leading the UN in to corruption and sex scandals as well as increasing irrelevance may well make him the most counter-productive individual in the world when it comes to world peace. Welcome to the job and good luck, Ban. Your predecessor's 10 years have only set the UN back 20.

Speaking of wastes of space, Ahmadinejad has decided that Iran will give legitimacy to holocaust denial. Given that we already know that Iran is an anti-semitic state (note, the anti-Israel is not anti-Semitism line is, in general, only used by left wing extremists in the West suffering strong bouts of moral equivalence.), I don't know why anyone seems to be surprised. More at Guido's site.


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