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Making vacuous teenage girl speak bearable

I got into Bangor on time. Yes, that's right. A train service actually got in on time in this country. I went to my meeting. It was interesting, but we'll have to wait and see as to how successful it was. And I got to look at some of the equipment they've got. They have some cool toys.

Then back to the train for my 5 hours back. I sat across from a late-teenage girl. We had a bit of a chat (partly in English, a little bit in Welsh), then, after an hour, a friend of hers got on the train and they were talking in that annoying, giggling girl way. In Welsh. In Welsh interspersed with things like "siriws" or "o-mai-god". While I didn't understand all of what they were saying, I understood enough to know that, had they been speaking in English, I would have plugged myself into my ipod and risked damaging my hearing. On the other hand, because I had the challenge of trying to understand the words coming out of their mouths, it was actually quite entertaining.

We got into Cardiff, they did the obligatory compliment-me-on-my-Welsh and I the good-luck-for-the-exams and we parted as I went to meet Rebecca. Rebecca had finished a dinner meeting with some colleagues. We sat and talked with a couple of them for a little while before I drove home.

Or, as I phrased it, I have been on a train for 11 hours so that I could drive her home.

Wednesday and Thursday were hard work, as I caught up from Tuesday.

Thursday night, I had access to the car, so I was going to go to (real) footy training with the newly formed Swansea Magpies (note - the Swansea bit is crucial...). I had looked up the place training was suppose to be, and, after going to the wrong place because it wasn't marked in the map, I got there a little late, only to get blank stares when I asked the people there.

I got home and called the guy organising the competition. He told me that they had changed venue since he'd last emailed me. Oh well. I'll make it one day...

Friday was a quiet day as I had the office to myself. At the end of the day, my new desk and chair arrived and I set them up. So much more comfortable now. The previous chair had a cushion which had practically warn out. I also put into writing a few thoughts which had been floating around the office for a little while. And that capped off another good week.

Friday night, Joan and Keith arrived from Melbourne. They will be with us for a few weeks. We picked them up and they stayed up the requisite time to help get over jetlag before crashing.

Today, we took them for lunch in the Gower before going for a short walk in Rhossili and back home (via, of course, ice cream at Verdi's)


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