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Bath with Rebecca and Lindel

Lindel came to visit us, and it was good to see her - I hadn't seen her since last year. She visited us during the week, and then on the weekend, we went down to Bath because Lindel was flying out of Bristol on Sunday morning. And really, how can I resist a heading like that?

Bath was very busy and quite touristy. Despite that, though, I enjoyed the Roman Baths. They had an audio thing where you could listen to them talking about the history of the different bits and pieces. I did the kids tour, which was fairly similar to the normal one, except that you had characters and a bit of a story and quiz questions. One of the characters, a Briton from the country, sounded amazingly like he had a Welsh accent...

We had lunch and Lindel and Rebecca then went to the fashion museum, dropping me off at the pub on the way. I watched a couple of the rugby games while waiting. I still don't understand the finer points, but it is growing on me - something about England getting flogged 36-0 will do that. And it is far better than league.

Last week, we celebrated Rosh Hashannah. Like last year, we had lunch with Eddie, Lynice and family. And like last year, it was a lovely meal with great company.

This weekend, we headed to our local pub and watched Australia belt Wales in the rugby. It was a good game and everyone seemed to enjoy it, even if only two people in the place enjoyed the result.

Sunday, we went on a walk with the Tawe Trekkers. It was a walk Graeme organised in Clydach (just North of Swansea). Graeme always picks interesting walks, and this one was no exception, shunning the guidebooks and designing his own walks using maps. Meaning he has to do far more preparation, too. While there was still the usual farmland, there were lots of streams and lightly wooded, natural looking areas. We even had a bit where we had to dodge between gorse, making for a bit more of a challenge. All up, a pleasant and enjoyable walk.


Comment from gelfen

for a second after reading the title i wondered what this entry was going to be about...

I respond

A trip to the city of Bath ... what else could it have been about?

Comment from Todd Fraser

What isn't better than league?

I respond


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