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BBQ or Curry?

A pretty nondescript week, really. I did some tests for some of my colleagues. That was probably the most interesting thing that happened all week.

Saturday, Tawe Trekkers were going to have a barbecue with some ramblers from Cardiff. Unfortunately, the weather decided that the UK isn't allowed more than a couple of weeks of sunshine, and rain stopped play during the luncheon interval. Instead, we went for a curry. This lead me to the thought: given the choice between the two, which is better? They both have their time and place, but I must confess, all else being equal, I would rather the curry. I know this is un-Australian of me, but don't get me wrong - there'd still be beer and lamb, so it's not too unpatriotic. Of course, if there is a game of backyard cricket going on at the same time, it does change the equation a little bit (I can't imagine trying to balance the beer and the rice and the naan and the curry while going for the catch, and when it is your turn to bat you may not want the runs...)

So, the exercise for today: in one word or more (as many more as you like) - do you:

1) prefer a barbie

2) prefer a curry

3) don't care as long as there is meat

0) think tofu is a food

and why?


Once a jolly postgrad camped by his cubicle

Under the glare of his very old PC

And he sang as he watched and waited till his code compiled

You'll come a-writing m'thesis with me


Writing m'thesis, writing m'thesis You'll come a writing m'thesis with me

And he sang as he watched and waited 'til his code compiled You'll come a-writing m'thesis with me


Down came a student with results at that cubicle

Up jumped the postgrad and grabbed them with glee

And he sang as he put those results in his thesis-file

You'll come a-writing m'thesis with me


Up walked the 'fessor, ideas goin' through his head

Up came the postdocs, one, two, three

"Where's those student's results you've got in your thesis-file?"

You'll come a-writing m'thesis with me


Up jumped the postgrad and handed him a finished draft

"You'll never make me rewrite!", said he

And his groans may be heard as you pass by that cubicle

You'll come a-writing m'thesis with me


Comment from Gillian

Um...none of the above? I don't think tofu is a food, but I don't like your other choices either. I prefer a meal that someone else has planned and cooked!

Comment from Todd Fraser

Well it depends on the scenario. On a beautiful summers evening (the kind we get so many of in the merry old land of OZ) it would be a crime to be sittign in the kitchen cooking up a curry. Instead the house should be opened, the porch full of people and the bbq hard at work.

On the other hand on a cold winters night a good hearty curry is a wonderful warm up meal.

As for Tofu..... well I'm happy to eat tofu but I do not consider it a "core part" of a meal. I'd much prefer to load up on veges and/or meat.

Comment from Revi

Mum, you're a spoilsport. Act your shoe size not your age.

Alex, that song is fan-infix-tastic. I think it the best work of PhD theatre you've ever written.

I respond

On a beautiful summers evening (the kind we get so many of in the merry old land of OZ)

We have more of them here at the moment than you do back in the old country. (I won't be saying that in 6 months time)

And Todd "I'm happy to eat tofu" Fraser, you know that those words put your membership in the man club in jeopardy...

Comment from Todd Fraser

I said I'm happy to eat tofu. I didn't include the premises.

1. That it has been cooked in a manner so it actually has a flavour

2. That it isn't the major component of whatever dish it is in

By the way mate..... That was a cool poem. One of oyur best postgrad life pieces yet

I respond

That it has been cooked in a manner so it actually has a flavour

That's a big hedge mate. That's like saying I'll support a political party provided they always tell the truth...

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