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Women's talk bingo

What a week it has been!

Besides all the stuff which needed to be done before Rebecca left for a holiday with her sister, we also had dinner with various people Rebecca wanted to catch up with before she went.

One night was with her friends from rangers, and another night was with some of her friends from school. At these dinners, I realised something. The ad kinda goes like this (imagine it being read with a male ad voice-over voice):

"Gentlemen! Ever been caught at a conversation with a large group of girls and realised that you had no chance of getting a word in? Worried that you will lose concentration and end up agreeing with something you shouldn't? Now, there's an answer! With women's talk bingo, you will never have anything to worry about."

Then the celebrity comes up. Someone like Wayne Carey or Shane Warne. Carey: "I used to have problems in large groups of women. I'd stop listening to what they were saying and started picturing them naked. I got in trouble, though, because I'd use my hands to help my imagination. Women's talk bingo changed all that. Thank you, women's talk bingo: now I score a goal for listening."

The voice-over then continues, "Women's talk bingo is a simple game any man can play. At the start of a conversation you can't escape from, simply make a note of a card of six topics you think will come up. Shoes, clothing, complaints about men not helping around the house, complaints about men always working, hair, that part of the conversation where six women are all talking at the same time about different topics and you don't understand a word that's been said. The possibilities are endless. As the topics come up, check them off, and when you have filled your card, you will know you have earnt that slab you've been driven to drink."

Warne: "I used to have problems listening to women talk. I'd soon get bored and start texting people on my phone rather than listening. My wife got pretty upset with me. But now, thanks to women's talk bingo, not only can I stand to listen, I'm actually paying attention. Thank you, women's talk bingo: now every conversation has an interesting spin."

No, ok, I'll admit, it wasn't that bad, and I did enjoy most of the conversation (although shoes, shopping and clothes were all crossed off the list fairly early on in the evening.

Thursday night was the night before Rebecca and Lindel left for their holiday. We took both families out to dinner at Mercers. This is an expensive restaurant, with prices around the $60 mark for 2 courses. The meal was nice, but there wasn't a lot of it. And the service was, quite frankly, pathetic. I'm from Melbourne, not Sydney. If I'm in an expensive restaurant, I want service; I don't want to be ignored. Over the course of the night, Joan, Keith and Dad all had their hands in the air and were making arbitrary movements trying to catch the staff's attention. Not impressed. I have a simple test which, when in doubt, provides a nice test for the size of the tip: the longer it takes between me wanting the bill and actually paying it, the lower the tip. Unfortunately, I can't really make the tip negative. Sometimes it is warranted.

Today, we got up early as Joan and I said goodbye to Rebecca and Lindel. 6 weeks till I get to see Bec again. Hopefully my thesis will be fully finished and submitted and I will have a couple of papers ready to submit by the time I next see Bec. It will be a busy month and a bit.

And hopefully someone is going to comment on women's talk bingo. I highly encourage dialogue...


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