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The blob and thesis corrections

Once again, sorry for sporradic posting. Things have been a little on the busy side.

Here's a plot outline: something starts small but gradually expands, becoming all consuming, terrorising you in your every waking hour. If you said, "it's been done - the Blob," you'd be wrong. If you said that I'm house-hunting, you'd be right. House-hunting is so much more civilised back in the old-country. Here, they have silly things like chains, where you buy/sell a house on the condition that you are able to buy/sell your house. So, for instance, we can buy a house from someone, but they will only sell it when they have bought the house for them. But of course, the person they buy from has to buy their house and... This can get out to seven or eight people long, and it is only finalised when every one sells. Haven't they heard of bridging finance?

Besides that, I put on a morning tea for the people involved in my project and gave a demonstration of my equipment. It was a good chance to meet a few of the people, particularly from other groups, in a less formal situation. Later on in the week, I went to a talk which found that support from and socialising with co-workers in non-work situations has a signifcant impact on mental health.

I also celebrated my birthday during the last couple of weeks. A year older. A year more grey hairs in the beard. Just on the left hand side of my mouth. Anyway, I digress.

Last weekend, I went camping with my scouts. It was wet and muddy and disgusting and the kids seemed to have a good time. Monday was a public holiday, so I slept in, did some house work and walked down to the bus station, where I met Mum, who had arrived after the grueling trip from Melbourne to Swansea.

I have also done my thesis corrections and Justin is happy with them. Yay me!

But back onto the Blob house-hunting. The are a wide-variety of vendors, ranging from those needing a quick-sale through the realistic and to the downright optimistic. Places here sell for an average of 93% of the advertised price, and, seeing some of the more optimistic places, I'm not surprised. Part of the problem is that realistically priced places sell quickly, so the delusional ones stay on the market for a lot longer, so it gives an impression that the market is worth more than it actually is, so people think they might sell for the elevated prices and they don't sell, but stay on the market, showing larger values in the area and so on. We've found a few places which are realistic options, some of which just sold without the agents even calling us. Weird.

Anyway, I've not been impressed by the professionalism of many of the agents here. They don't seem in any particular hurry to sell to us and don't seem to particularly be trying to promote any of their properties. Oh well. We'll find something. Back on to the delusions. There have been a couple of cases where two very similar places, within two streets of each other, will ask for about 10% difference, with the one we consider worse asking for more! This is probably why it is still on the market, while the other one sold pretty quickly.


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