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Bon Voyage Lindsay

Been a busy last couple of weeks, although not spectacularly interesting. Last weekend, we said farewell to a friend of ours, Lindsay, from Tawe Trekkers, who is going to spend a year in the Old Country. As is standard with Tawe Trekkers, this involved the pub, then a curry (oh, and a walk in the morning, too...). We gave her a lot of challenges related to various songs in our collections.

I went on a writing course on Tuesday. It was good - hopefully I will soon put into practice what I have learnt, and get some good papers published.

Also in the last couple of weeks, one of the postgrads I have been working with came to me, showing me a graph of results he'd got from my equipment (using a new technique we developed) and a graph of results he'd obtained from another piece of equipment. There was amazing correlation between the 30 or so data points, with just one slight problem: the actual results were out by a consistent factor of 300,000 or so. Even on a log graph it is still a big discrepancy! A few calculations later, and we had an idea which may well have accounted for that big factor. Sure enough, the back-of-the-envelope calculations came out at about 300,000. Yay me!

I also seemed to manage about half a dozen free lunches in the last two weeks. I may have finished my PhD, but it doesn't mean I don't like free lunches...

Thursday night, Bec went to guides, so I had planned to relax, have a beer, cook dinner (ok fine, reheat baked beans I had cooked on Tuesday), update my blog and do some housework. I got home, and noticed that the postie had delivered some mail for the people next door. I went next door, gave them their mail, and a couple of hours (and a couple of beers) later, I had cleaned up one of their computers, as they had managed to get a virus or two on it. Quite a cute virus, actually: it is called Spy Falcon, and it pops up with something official looking, telling you you have lots of viruses, and to buy Spy Falcon to remove them. Chutzpah at its best.

Today, Bec and I went down to the Mumbles Farmers Market. We bought enough food to last us until we go back to the Old Country. We also checked out a craft market. They had CDs. We bought some. It's not often that I actually enjoy going to a craft market.

House update, I've pulled up some floor boards in our bedroom, because we want to insulate before polishing. Bec has mostly cleaned out the basement. We'll get there. Slowly. Eventually.

Other stuff, I don't really like being topical, but just after I put up my blog about universities in the UK, Blair has come out and said how important science is to the UK. And boasted about how they had doubled spending. Yes, well... we all no about the monsters that are Transparency and Accountability, don't we?


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