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To rejoice with bride and groom pt2

I'm not quite sure, when the Mitzvah of rejoicing with bride and groom was first mooted/set, that it was envisioned that it would quite go like this either: David's bucks night; Starts from David and Goldele's place where boys and girls go their separate ways; Footy trip rules apply.

I spoke to the people at King and Wilson, who are shipping my boxes, asking the what time they would pick the boxes up. I was told between 8 and 9. At 7:55, they were there and ready. The blokes who picked up the boxes were friendly, helpful, fast and efficient. If the rest of the operation is as professional as the blokes who picked the boxes up, I have no fear that the boxes will do anythng other than arrive safely and in good condition.

I also finally managed to get in touch with Justin. I got the impression that what I have done is fine, but I just need a little more. So, come Monday, guess what! For long time readers/followers of my life, you know where this is heading: I return to my favourite place - the lab in UQ. I won't promise coherency or frequency in my posts. I will promise, however, that I won't enjoy either the long, late nights or the heat and humidity.

As a plan C (the UQ trip is a plan B because plan A hasn't worked), it was decided that, if possible, I would get some numerical simulations done. So, after the departmental xmas party (which, let's face it, is like pretty much any other lunchtime office xmas party, so I won't go into details), I had a long chat with Dalton and then Malcolm, who were very helpful and have given me sufficient resources that I should be able to get something useful. I then went to David's bucks night...

I woke up this morning at David and Goldele's place at 6:30 and dozed for the next hour or so. I then had a chat with Goldele, Kate and Shane before Mum picked me up and took me back to Doncaster. I started catching on the previous night's sleep, made some arrangements, packed and watched the cricket. Hopefully I will get everything I have to get done before I go done before I go.

Tomorrow, I will try to do a more appropriate version of rejoicing with bride and groom...


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