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To rejoice with bride and groom pt3

Well, I'd got about halfway through this post when the windows box I'm using decided to shut down. I was unimpressed to say the least. Windows: Can't live with it, can't go back in time and kill Bill Gates' mother...

Because I lost the post once, you are going to get the stripped down version. Sunday morning, Dave, Goldele's brother David and Dave's best man Woz and I went to the yarra for Dave to do his pre-wedding Mikveh. David decided to join him. I decided not to. Been there, done that, got the witnesses.

We then went back to Mum and Dad's so that Woz could write his speech (which he left at his apartment somewhere between getting ready and the reception), David could play with the net, and Dave and I could play table soccer and watch TV. We then went and had lunch with another friend of Dave's, Toby. Over lunch we did the cynical "romance kinda stops after a couple of years" bit for David's benefit. Including my favourite "foreplay is to sex as the queue is to the ride". While I love Rebecca and wouldn't trade the time we spend together for anything, and there is still romance I enjoy, I quite enjoy playing the hard-done-by husband, too.

I then went back to Mum and Dad's before going back to pick up Dave to get him to the wedding. I was running a little late (although I still got them there with plenty of time) - catching every red light on the way didn't help, either - and was feeling a little on the stressed side.

The wedding was lovely. The bride looked beautiful and Rabbi Jonathan officiated with suitable levels of humour. It was probably quite similar to Rebecca's wedding, actually. I was honoured to be asked to sign the ketubah as a witness. This was probably the more traditional version of rejoicing with bride and groom. Also the version I enjoyed the most, too.

Having had experience with really hot weddings, I got Dave and Goldele water a couple of times (not during the actual ceremony!) and organised jugs of water, which disappeared quickly after the ceremony. After the requisite photos, I then made my way to the reception. Despite missing Rebecca and not knowing many people particularly well (although I did know enough people to spend a lot of time talking to people) I had a good time. It was a nice wedding and a nice reception and they make a lovely couple.


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