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The kindness of strangers

I've been a little on the busy side recently, and it doesn't look like letting up over the next month. But this site is a record of some vague version of the past: what is and what was; what might have been and what should not have been. The future will be recorded when it has become the past. Of course, if my psychological time starts moving in the opposite direction to normal time, or I enter Hobart Phase then things just get silly and we all have bigger problems...

This week was Yom Kippur. The 25 hour fast seemed relatively difficult this year, although it was nice to just cut myself off from the wider world for a day; to not read the news, not check my email, not listen to the radio. A day free from BBC bias. No one to tell me that anthropogenic global warming is real, imminent and the most significant problem facing mankind: something that someone else must do something about.

I received a congregational honour, being called up to read from the Torah. I'm not sure what I have done to deserve a major honour, but it is always nice. Bec and I had planned to break the fast at a local restaurant. These plans were happily broken when one of the congregants, Sandie, invited us to join her family and some friends for dinner. This was incredibly nice of her, given that she didn't know us - I'm not even sure we had spoken before she invited us!

She had also invited an Israeli girl, Noga, and I had my first proper Hebrew conversation for about three years. The only real problem I had was keeping the Welsh words out. Both dinner and the company were lovely, and Bec and I had a wonderful night.

Today was the first day of Succot. Bec and I haven't built a Sukkah this year - more a lack of time and materials than our previous debacle. At the service today, there were 42 teachers from Camarthenshire, which made for a crowded service and a lack of siddurim. I was able to share with someone from dinner on Saturday night, which meant I didn't have to tax my memory to remember the words. It was a good service, and I heard the teachers describing it as interesting and good (ok, I admit, I eavesdrop on Welsh conversations - I consider it practice). The Sukkah was decorated with more vegies than fruit. Things like carrots and parsnips.

Anyway, story of the week:

The Mister was a Time Lord postgraduate investigating TARDIS mechanics...

Al Bundy was a postgraduate student investigating the economic impact of being unhappily married with children on the productivity of shoe salesmen. Due to a lack of supervision, intelligence and work ethic, as well as being easily distracted by attractive young women, he took far longer than he should have. Additionally, everytime he made some progress, something went wrong to push him even further back.


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