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A busy week, a quick catch up

Well, what a week it has been. Lots of experiments. Mostly successful. Lots of hard work. Mostly worth it. Highly tiring. Highly stressful. But I think I am done. I am now doing the final bits of write-up. I have little pockets of stuff left to do, and I can see the end in sight.

I can help but think that if I'd worked as hard over the last 4 years as I have over the last two weeks...I'd either be in hospital or in a padded cell. After two weeks of lack of sleep and long hours, I was finding it really difficult just too put two coherent thoughts together, and my body was forcing me asleep by 9:30. Indeed, just staying awake on the bus was taxing enough.

I am now back in Melbourne, and it is reasonable to expect that posting will be sporadic over the next week or two, too. It depends how long it takes me to finish writing, to proof and to send it to Justin. Hopefully by the end of the year it will be done to my satisfaction.

It was kind of weird leaving Brisbane, realising that I may never see some of the people from Justin's group at UQ again. With about 3 weeks to go until I leave, it is kind of weird realising that there are several people who I may be seeing for the last time. To counter that is the realisation that I will soon be meeting lots of new people. Life moves on. 'Twould be boring if it didn't. And anyone who really wants to keep in touch can find me easily enough online. (Anyone reading this already has!) This site is now #4 for a google search of Lubansky and #1 for Alex Lubansky.

Oh, and to those people celebrating any given festival, minor or major, religious or secular, I hope you have a good day/holiday/period/season. And to those people who choose not to celebrate anything at this time of year, I hope you don't find the frustrations of everyone else inflicting their celebrations on you too onerous.


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