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Clutching at straws...

Things weren't supposed to be like this. I wasn't supposed to be on this bus. I wasn't supposed to be writing this. But they are, and I am. So what is the problem? Well it all started last Wednesday... (queue flashback artistic direction)

It was a normal Wednesday, you know, working on my thesis, driving home from Mum and Dad's, picking up a computer for my sister-in-law, you know, the usual. The plan was that I pick John up, drive to where he had the computer and then drive home. Sounds easy, doesn't it?

I picked John up as planned and got the computer, except that my clutch was feeling a little heavy. And then it was feeling very light and the car wouldn't go. This was just after 6. I went into a pizza shop and asked if I could call the RACV. The guy wasn't particulary helpful. I went two doors down to the fish and chips shop, where the guy let me call on his phone and also insisted I contact home to let them know what had happened.

I got some dinner and waited by my car. It started raining relatively heavily - a good advertisement for keeping a raincoat in the car. Oh well, we need the rain. An hour and a half later and the car was towed to a late night mechanic. I ended up back at Mum and Dad's just before 10. Not quite how I'd imagined myself spending Wednesday night.

It was, however, very lucky for Dad that my car broke down, as it meant I could do some deliveries for him. And...always look on the bright side of life... (feel free to whistle along...)

So now I find myself braving the Vline service again. The bus I was catching was due to leave at 3PM. Not a problem. I got there at 2:58PM and the bus was still there. just one slight problem. The bus was full and they wouldn't let me on. Its amazing: Of all the hassles and inconveniences I've been through over the last 4 years of this ineptly run reason-for-driving-rather-than-use public transport, this is the first time I have been unable to get on to a service because it is full.

Under Kennett, Victoria's slogan was "on the move." Admittedly, this was generally taken to be short for "on the move to Queensland" but anyway... Since the state started moving Brackswards, the slogan is now "the place to be." This may be because it is very difficult to actually get anywhere.

It's nice having my only personal forum where I can complain about the trivial inconveniences I suffer.

At the camp last week, I led a game of "the moon is a balloon" For those who don't know it, the first person holds a stick (or pointer of some description) and draws a big circle in the air with it, saying "the moon is a balloon with two eyes, a nose and a mouth" accompanied by artistc drawings in the air. The stick is then passed to the next person who tries to repeat it correctly. The determining factor for whether they are correct is whether they thank the person who gave them the stick. Disappointingly, there was only one false positive (i.e. they got it right without knowing why). After more and more started getting it, it was really nice hearing the scouts say thanks!


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