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Day trip to Cardiff

I'm still yet to get rained upon, for those in the Old Country wondering about the weather here, although I have seen brief showers out of the window during the day once or twice. Since I last updated the personal side of things, not a huge amount has happened. I'm gradually getting my equipment up and running. I don't know whether I am actually getting anywhere, but activity at least feels like an adequate replacement for achievement.

On Saturday, Bec and I got up and caught the bus down to Cardiff to go to Synagogue. It was a quick bus trip (an hour). The Rabbi, who alternates his time between Cardiff and Dublin, was there this week. The Torah portion for the week included the 10 Commandments (There's no actual numbering involved, so that if it wasn't for the fact that it is read in Hebrew, you wouldn't know whose 10 commandments it is!) and the Rabbi followed up with the sort of nice, politic-y social justice-y sermon I've come to expect. It was no surprise when he said that he had trained Rabbi Jonathan!

During Kiddush, we met several more congregants, including Monique, who had just moved to Port Talbot (between Swansea and Cardiff) and it was her second service. After the service we had lunch with Monique (coincidence, actually - we both walked into the same place), then Bec and I wondered through the Museum before heading home.

Sunday was a nice, relaxing day, and we didn't do much. We were going to watch a DVD, but Windows won't let you play DVDs without paying for appropriate decoders. Remind me again why people write it as M$ Windows? Eventually I found a good open source alternative, which plays better than the bundled player. I didn't find it until Monday, however, and we were not able to watch a movie.

Monday, I kind of hit a wall at 3PM, so nicked off early. This time will be made up later, I'm sure. Coming home while it is still light, Bec and I went for a walk and played frisbee. It was good to get a bit of exercise other than just walking to and from work. I then got the decoder working, and we are able to watch DVDs. We watched a horror movie, where I kept yelling at the lead male, "Don't do it! Get out while you can! There's still time!" Actually, I said no such thing. I would have been hit. I quite enjoyed the movie but wouldn't want to watch it too often. But then, I quite enjoyed the day, am glad I did it, but wouldn't want to do it again. And it wasn't really a horror movie. And it did have a happy ending with the lead characters living happily ever after!

Tuesday, I installed Debian. I am gradually getting it working. It's not quite as easy as Ubuntu was to install and get running perfectly, but I guess that that is the price you pay for extra control. Once I get it up and running, it is a very easy system to maintain though (and a fun system to run and to use).


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