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I am not alone. There are others

The PFPC end-of-year party was on yesterday. There, I found that I am not alone. There are many other late-candidature PhD students who are frustrated that their supervisors are not getting the draft of their thesis back to them in the timely manner they would like. While I am no where near the 3 months some of them have been stuffed around for, if Justin keeps me waiting that long, I will be in Swansea before it is ready for submission and this will make everyone's life harder.

And, for that matter, if Justin takes 3 months, well, if he was involved in the governing of Australia and I wrote what I would secretly like to (but would never) do I would be charged under either the new or the old legislation. Let's hope it never comes to that.

One of my friends was telling me that his supervisor told him, "you don't expect me to drop everything and do it, do you?" The answer to that, is, of course, a resounding "YES!!!!" I can't think of any other situation in life where the person you report to would just ignore your work and hold you up for that long. Unfortunately, in the university system, there doesn't seem to be any code of conduct forcing supervisors to deal with students considerately. Even worse for my friend, he is no longer on a scholarship, so the time they are wasting of his is costing him money. As well as causing him stress and making his life difficult. I am of the opinion that, aside from being inconsiderate and rude it is also unreasonable. I have just checked and I am still getting paid. I'd rather have a Dr in front of my name than the money I'd earn over the next 6 weeks, but if Justin is going to leave it sitting on his desk, he can keep paying me. Simple as that. Meanwhile, I am still working on a problem I'd like to stick in my thesis (it is entertaining, anyway) and waiting for Justin.

If anyone has any ideas on how I can "encourage" a supervisor 1300km away to check my thesis more quickly, I'd love to hear it.


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