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A poor drinking effort

It's been a relatively quiet week. Monday I finally spoke to someone who can help me get my equipment assembled and working. Through the course of the week, I have gradually progressed to the stage where I am back to not actually being able to do anything.

It was mid-term, so we didn't have Welsh class. Consequently, the evenings have been relatively quiet. One thing of interest which happened this week was that Bec got a job. She is back to her rightful position earning more than me.

Another thing of interest which happened on Friday was that Steve and Chris had organised a social lunch. With about 15 members of the MNC, I went to the pub for a pre-lunch pint before having lunch at a Spanish restaurant. I had steak, which came with a bed of mashed potatoes and chips on the side. No other vegies anywhere to be found.

After lunch, we went on to another pub, where we spent the afternoon talking and drinking. After another few pints, I started slowing. I find a pint is just that little bit too big, and by the time you've had about 3 quarters of it (coincidentally - about the size of a pot for those who drink in real units) it was a little less cold, a little less fizzy and a little less drinkable. And there was no VB in sight. Nor a lamb sandwich. In a poor performance, I started lagging behind badly. Quite embarrassing, really. And I call myself Australian.

It was good to spend the afternoon getting to know some of my work colleagues. And besides, A POET'S day never goes astray, does it?


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