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The due date and other myths

While I have been busily getting the stuff I wanted to get done before the baby arrives done, two things have happened worth noting.

The first is that my parents have arrived, and will almost certainly become grandparents in the same city as their first grandchild is born.

The second is that the due date crept up on us. And then went by. Now, we knew that only 5% of babies are actually born on the due date, and had been told that babies are usually born within about 2 weeks of the date. We had kind of taken that to mean the due date represented some kind of mean or expected date. This was wrong. Very wrong. It turns out that 75% of babies are born after the due date, and apparently the average over some group (it may have been first time parents in the UK, but I'm not sure) is 8 days overdue. Something to think about, particularly as medical personnel start doing intervening if it goes much later than this.

So, at the moment we are somewhere between the mythical due date and some actual average that may or may not apply to us. The baby has his head down, he is facing in the right direction and is approaching the cervix. During one set of childbirth classes, the midwife was talking us through relaxation technique-type things, and she told us how the cerivx becomes like jelly. I guess this means that the baby has to eat his way out.

More news when there is any.


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