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Long weekend in Edinburgh

This weekend saw us spend our first weekend away after I met up with Bec in Edinburgh. Normally, when I get off a plane in a new city, I spend a few minutes feeling lost and disoriented before gathering my bearings. This time, however, I was straight off the plane, straight out of the airport, straight on to the bus and straight into the city. I got off the bus at the right point... and realised that, while I had the address of my destination, I didn't know where it actually was!

That detail notwithstanding, I headed off anyway. At some point, I asked someone where it was. They didn't know, but thought it might be down the road I was walking down. After walking almost down to the end of the street, I asked someone ad they said it was just down there and turn right. So I walked and turned right and was about to ask someone when I looked at the street name...no need to ask!

We had a lovely dinner at a local Indian restaurant. Food was interesting and really nice. Service was terrible. We'd go back.

Saturday, we wandered down to the city centre and relaxed and read the paper in West Princess Street Gardens. In the afternoon we wandered around and looked at the scenery. Edinburgh is quite a pretty little city.

In the afternoon, Bec dragged me into the museum of modern art. This will get its own post, but I did like the work of Paollozzi.

Sunday, we walked up Arthur's Seat and around that area. It was a lovely clear day, enabling brilliant views in all directions, and the walk was good but tiring. Very tiring. We spent the rest of the afternoon in a pub. I had haggis. It was quite nice.

Today, we got up slowly, packed and went to the museum. The museum is laid out in broad chronolgical categories and we had a look at early Scottish life. Unfortunately, within each section the displays were grouped into categories such as trade, agriculture or money. This made it difficult to get a clear narative as to who was doing what to the scots and when.

We then went to do our kitsh touristy thing. We went to the Scotch Whiskey appreciation centre. We went on a tour which kicked off quite nicely - with a glass of scotch. We then got to see two films and a holographic laser show talking about making and blending scotch. We learnt all about the differences between batch and continuous distillation processes. Yay! Then came the absolute highlight - a painfully slow barrell ride going through the politics and history or whisky and excise.

I then trialled a few different whiskies from the different regions before heading off to a french restaurant. They asked us to come back in fifteen minutes, so we returned to the pub of the previous night - I love smoke-free pubs. I began the meal by trying absinthe. It was horrible. It tasted like sambuca. The rest of the meal was nice though.

We then headed off to the airport, and that was then end of our Edinburgh adventure.


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