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Thereís no such thing as bad luck. But why does it happen to me?

Following on from there being no over-riding power micromanaging our lives, there is no such thing as luck. Things happen. Things happen because they must. There is no good luck. There is no such thing as bad luck. I will accept that there is luck because there are probabilistic events, but these are not good, they are not bad. They just are. Whether luck is good or bad just refers to whether the results match a set of outcomes we feel are positive or otherwise.

John Connor was right. Thereís no fate. This was no consolation to John Connor, who, despite knowing that the world was going to go through Judgement Day, still couldnít stop it.

On a much smaller (although less fictional) scale, it was no consolation to me when, on the last data point, the tubing decided that it was content just sitting where it was occasionally leaking, and would spread its wings and fly. I mean it. Almost literally. The tubing blew out and flew a good metre across the room.

This was *bad luck* for me. It meant that I couldnít get the last data point. On the other hand, it would have been *good luck* for anyone else who had been around and watching, because it looked really cool.

Mah Laíasot

I had a nightmare last night. As a result, I slept poorly, and so I slept in. Iím glad I did. I still would have got in at the same time, because apparently the two buses before the one I caught didnít come. Iíve never seen so many people at the stop.

I also bought myself a present on the way. Yidcoreís Fiddlin on Ya Roof/Eight Day Slice. It sounds alright, although I canít think of many other bands who would have the Chutzpah to do that to Fiddler on the Roof. (But then, its not like Iím without moments of Chutzpah, either)

Iím feeling quite smug today. I had a sample which someone else wanted to know the viscosity of it. I looked at it and said "30mPa.s" I then went and tested it. 29. Smug mode.


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