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Flight to the old country

There'd been an accident somewhere close to Heathrow, and the traffic was horrendous. We got to the airport and went to find a taxi. The taxi driver kindly told us that there'd been an accident and we'd be better off catching the bus.

So we found and caught the bus. 20 minute wait, 8 pounds and 2 km later we were at the hotel, along with pretty much everybody else on the bus. It was a long queue before we checked in.

The next morning we caught a taxi in because the buses ran out of terminal 2 and we were flying out of terminal 4. 15 pounds later, we were at the airport checking in. For some strange reason, Bec and I wanted to sit together on the flight. Unfortunately, the best the woman at check-in could manage was to have us separated by one person or an aisle. This despite checking in 4 hours early.

We then got to the Qantas Club (courtesy of a round the world trip Bec did 2 years ago), where the lady was far more helpful. Lots of food later, we were in the queue to board the plane. I got to the queue, gave them my boarding pass - and there was a problem. They asked me to take a seat while they resolved it. Bec and I had been given exit row seats. Yay! Even better, there was no one on the window seat, so we had a spare seat next to us as well.

The flight was mostly uneventful. So was the movie selection. Fortunately, I had printed off a whole lot of puzzles, and they kept me busy most of the time I wasn't sleeping. One incident which did occur on the flight was that a guy had an epilectic fit. Because we had the exit row, the stewardess had managed to get him there so he would have space. She lowered him to the ground and I guided him so he didn't hit anything on the way down. The stewardess then asked for pillows, and Bec passed pillows, blankets, my jumper.

Fortunately, there was a doctor on board, and he did what was necessary while we made ourselves scarce. Afterwards, the crew were all very apologetic and asked if they could get us anything. This half amused me, because it wasn't their fault at all, and I saw no reason why they should be very apologetic anyway.

After the flight, we got off the plane, (eventually) got our bags, cleared immigration and quarrantine, and then there was mum. Yay! It was good to see her. Similarly, there was Keith and it was good to see him too. I'll bet Bec thought so too.


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