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A four hour walk...

Tuesday...Wednesday...Thursday...Friday...all spent writing up at home with varying levels of success. There is now an end in sight, anyway, even if it still too far away to be sure that it is not an oncoming train.

During the week, I, along with most of the Jewish blogosphere, it seems, have been horrified by the news that a Jew committed an act of terror against some Arab Israelis. I condemn his actions, and I commend Ariel Sharon, the Israeli Government and the chorus of Rabbis who have immediately condemned his actions and denounced him as a terrorist.

This how a leadership should respond to terror. There was no equivocation. No ambiguity. No mitigation. There was no statement of "he was from a fringe extremist group and we have no need to make a statement." There was no "we hope this won't be used as an excuse to target or victimise us..." at least, none that I heard reported. There was concern for the sensibilities of the families of the victims.

Without wanting to single out any groups, because I have heard similar statements from a range of groups, including the IRA, including various other terrorist groups. I will give an example of the Islamic community at the moment, because it is topical. This is how the islamic community at the moment needs to respond when there is a terrorist attack, be it by Bin Laden, a Palestinian, the London Bombers, whoever. There should be no statement of "we condemn the killing of innocents, but the occupation of our lands means that all Israelis are guilty..." and, unfortunately, everytime you hear a Palestinian statement in the media, it tends to transform questions of "suicide bombers in civilian targets" into one of "occupation," excusing everything they do because of the "occupation"

This is wrong. THIS IS WRONG. I don't care what the policies of the government are. A schoolyard of children do not deserve to be blown up. A bus-load of passengers going to work do not deserve to die. The global islamic community need to stand up and condemn any attack on civilians. Not equivocate on definitions of innocents. Not justify it in terms of what other people are doing.

Anyway, back to my life. This is not a post about terrorist sympathisers. Not even Ken Livingstone.

Friday night, we were going to have dinner with our neighbour, John. Signals got crossed however, and he came round after dinner. We watched the cricket and drank a beer or three. It was a pleasant evening, although Australia could have played better.

Saturday: Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a pleasant walk, That started from our lovely home, and we got to talk - and we got to talk. Rebecca is my lovely wife, my beloved Bec. My wife and I set off that day - a four hour walk. A four hour walk.

It was a pleasant walk. We chatted, we practiced Bec's Hebrew, we had a nice lunch. We had a nice coffee and cake. Good time had by all.

Saturday night we went out for dinner with our neighbours, John and Judy, to celebrate our VCAT win (the tribunal ruled that Sliwa can build 2 units at the back, but that the front house must stay). Pleasant evening. Good time had by all.

Today, it was a mixture of housework and uni work. I spent the day working on a problem, and wondering why it didn't give a sensible answer, only to realise that I had made a little typo, and some terms had an extra r^2 term. Aaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhh.

I am now watching the end of a gripping test match, as the Australian batsmen, win, lose or draw, are having a go at trying to overhaul the last hundred runs. They've now got 1 wicket and 30 runs to go.


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