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Taking Halloween a little bit too far

Partly to save time and partly because they are not actually very interesting, I will skip through the many days of the isolation and torture of working from home, and skip through to the weekend. Before I get there, I will make a brief statement about my garbo. As I mentioned last time, we have sold our house and are moving soon. Consequently, we will probably need the space in our bins. This week, the garbo didn't pick up our rubbish; instead, he left a sticker saying that we are only entitled to one bin. This came as a surprise to us: we only have one bin. After a few calls, it turned out that he had seen someone wheeling a bin across the street and assumed that we were trying to get a second bin emptied. Wrong on so many levels.


Friday night was a farewell for Jacko, one of Bec's friends at work who coached our netball team. Nice to catch up with a few of Bec's workmates such as Hosey and Braddles, who I hadn't seen for a while.

Saturday night we had a Halloween party. I must confess, I have virtually no understanding of any kind of religious significance of Halloween, but it seems like a nice excuse to dress up and have a party; that, I understand. Anyway, plans were thrown out a bit by me not having a costume. A hurried trip to a discount store and I had a mask and some spiders. A nice start, but hardly a costume.

Somehow, it seemed like a good idea for me to wear my wedding suit. But I couldn't find my bow tie. A frantic search and a couple of phone calls proved fruitless.

Then I spied a solution

It was an inspidered idea.

I used one of the spiders as my bow tie.

I also had a spider pinned to my lapel and one tied to my watch to match one Bec had in her bouqet of fake flowers. She went dressed up in a black outfit with a Morticia wig. Sidenote: At the party there was someone else in the same wig; apparently, women aren't as picky about other women turning up in the same hair...

We got to the address it said on the invite, and rang the bell for number 13. Unfortunately, 13 was just a Halloween thing, and the address was actually 18. Taking Halloween just a little too far.

Sunday was a Rebecca's-maternal-side-of-family function. Not really much to say about it. Picture any given pleasant family function you have been to; now add a buffet dessert (and meal).

Driving Bec and Lindel (my sister-in-law was up for the night) back to Ballarat, we were almost wiped off the road as a car sped past us and then, when they were half a car length in front of me, pulled left without indicating. I'm writing this, so obviously I managed to avoid them.

Yesterday was cup day, a day when the people of Australia use a 3 minute horse race as an excuse not to work for substantial amounts of time. I went next door and watched the race with my neighbours. And I'm now on the bus to Melbourne for my first trip into uni for a while; armed with a list of stuff to get through.


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