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How can I hope to make you understand?

The time is rapidy approaching when I must travel to a distant land far from the home I love. Its been a busy week, packing and organising. Saying goodbye to people (or, more accurately, "see ya" - I'm Australian). Getting things done. And you know what? In a couple of hours time, anything that isn't done won't be.

To have the realisation that the next time I wake up, it will be a long way from here (at least 37,000 feet). To know that the next place I call home will be in a town I have spent less than two weeks of my life in. To understand that I am saying goodbye: the next time I see people or places here, I will be visiting. It feels weird knowing that I am leaving. There will always be things left undone, and I accept it. But, ultimately, I'm going. I'll be back, but who knows when or for how long.

Readers of my blog will know that I like long distance communications. I like email. I have every intention of continuing this blog, although this will be the last post for quite some time that I write on my brother's computer. So I will shortly go from a room littered with dragons to a place where they've even got one on the flag. Some things change. Others don't. I'll try to update at least every two-three days if not more regularly.

I hope you'll all keep reading as Alex's Adventures Through The Looking Glass goes to Wales.


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