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There's no place like home

I finished the data points. I was quite happy about that, I can assure you. The rest of Thursday was spent in some level of haze, accomplishing the little tasks I needed to do, and booking myself a ticket home. I was very excitied about this.

I slept on both buses on the way back to Geoff and Michelle's, waking up just in time. When I got off the bus, my body was stiff and sore and tired, and the walk up the hill was incredibly torturous. It was an effort just to put one foot in front of another. I managed this for all of about 20m when, fortunately, Aerlyn happened to be driving passed and stopped, drove me to Geoff and Michelle's, dropped me off and then went back to what she was doing.

I kept myself awake until 8PM, at which point I fell asleep, waking up at 3PM for about an hour, and then sleeping through until 8AM. And I still felt tired. In the most incredibly inept piece of timetabling I have ever seen (slight exaggeration), from the city to UQ, there are two buses I can take, both of which run along the same route, except that one runs express. Both of these run every 15 minutes off-peak. From experience, most people seem to catch the one which stops for the whole journey anyway. You'd think that they would space the two out, wouldn't you? But no, both buses are scheduled to leave at the same time! Not even one minute either way.

I did the remaining few things I had to do before leaving, thanked various people etc. At 4, I've called the taxi company. I've asked for a taxi at 5. They told me that it was quite busy, so I should book one for 4:50. I agreed. I then went to the pub and was joined by Yang. we had a drink and then went outside. 4:50 became 5 became 5:05. I've gone back inside, called the taxi company, and were told that the message had been dispatched but that no taxi had picked it up and they would make it a priority.

5:05 became 5:10. I'm getting agitated. Yang says she'll call Tristan and get him to drive me in. 5:10 becomes 5:20, During this time, I have seen two taxis come and go and pick up other people down the bottom of the street. 5:20 arrives, so does Tristan and Yang, and they kindly drive me to the airport. If anyone needs a taxi urgently in Brisbane, I heartily recommend NOT using black and white cabs.

I was glad Tristan and Yang were able to drive me in, and we got to the airport with plenty of time. (40 minutes before departure, anyway)

I clicked my heels 3 times, and got on the plane. Some entertaining disucssions on sports and a general agreement that travelling for work is not fun later, and I was off the plane and in Rebecca's arms.

This morning we went to synagogue, and that pretty much leaves me where I am now - at Mum and Dad's, typing this.


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