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Life update 16/6/05 Hope vs. Reality. Reality 8 def Hope 1

I am in the final stages of my PhD, and due to some unfortunate circumstances which will be whined about later, I'm sure, I am trying to do my final sets of experiments in Brisbane at the University of Queensland. (I live in Ballarat and study at the University of Melbourne). I have been up here for a couple of weeks and go home next Tuesday. It has been a generally unsuccessful trip, but I will get there in the end. There have some moments of hope and some crushing blows. Yesterday was a crushing day where all hope of success evaporated within a very short time. It all looked to be going well and then it all went wrong suddenly. I did the only thing I could think of. I had a doughnut, a cream bun and a packet of chips and went home and adopted a metaphorical foetal position. (Having more life experience than the average foetus - which is zero because they are not alive - if you ask a *pro-life* campaigner how long they have been alive, do they add nine months to the time since their birth? Do they celebrate conception days rather than birthdays? How does one celebrate a conception day? But I digress - I tend to get bored quite quickly in the navel gazing position. I don't even get the fun of it being a navel-growing gazing position.) After spending the day embroiled in various methods of distraction, I felt better, and am back to being my approximation of a functioning, civilised member of society.


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