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I really am hopeless sometimes

The title says it all, really, doesn't it! Everything always has to be a drama, doesn't it! After all the hassles I had getting to Aaron and Vanessa's place, you'd think I would at least organise the next leg properly, wouldn't you? But, no, I kinda left caling Phillip until a little too late, and was unable to get in touch with him before I left. Consequently, I find myself having to wait at the train station for an hour and a half. Who said there ain't no justice? I think this is a fit and just punishment for the cosmos to eke out due to my failure to learn simple lessons. It makes me think that maybe I am pathetic enough to actualy need a mobile phone.

So, I suppose you want the story, don't you? Once I actually left Heathrow, I got to Aaron's place without any more difficulty than can be expected with a large, heavy pack and a large, heavy suitcase (with a tag confirming this). At Aaron's place, I delivered the twisties and tim-tams which had been the request-from-Oz and relaxed until we went out for lunch. With lunch, I had a pint of bitter, which is kind of like a normal beer that has been poured 3 hours earlier, so that it gets warm and flat. We then went to a cheese shop and back to their place.

I snoozed through the afternoon before we watched various wedding videos. We had roast lamb for dinner and at about 9:30 I fell asleep. I've always been quite a heavy sleeper, and this was shown quite clearly by the fact that the bed was in the living room and I didn't hear a peep out of anyone. Even though the stairs creak. I got 5 hours sleep and did low-thought activities for a few more hours before getting another hour or two of sleep and waking at 7:30.

We spent the morning trying to get my ipod to talk to their computer with limited success and I consolidated mine and Bec's luggage. I had 2 suitcases, a suitpack, a hiking pack, a large backpack, Bec's bag and my laptop bag. This became 2 suitcases and a pack. I did well!

I tried calling Phillip to make arrangements, but couldn't get in touch with him. Had I organised things yesterday... Anyway, soon, it was time to leave and Aaron and I went to the station (we made it with about 5 minutes to spare). It was a comfortable, albeit expensive train ride, and a few hours and some Welsh lessons later, I was in Weston Super Mare. I called Phillip and he was an hour and a half away. Nothing to do but wait...

...and write this. I got up to the word Heathrow in the 2nd paragraph when some friends of Phillip came and picked me up. Sometimes the cosmos doesn't carry out its punishments properly.


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