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Ice cream!

Last Sunday, Bec and I went on another walk with Tawe Trekkers. While I haven't written about every walk, that is more a reflection on me not writing about everything I do. Anyway, last week's walk, which I did miss out on writing about, was a scorcher in the Brecon Beacons, where a 12 mile walk actually turned out to be over 15. Pictures are available on Bec's site. I'm not going to provide a link, because she doesn't want me to (so that it doesn't show up in searches), but I'm sure any reader of this site can guess what it is. After the hot, dry, thirsty walk (which had an ice cream van at the end - yay!), this week's walk was wet and muddy and the ice cream van wasn't nearly as needed. They still took my money though.

Been a relatively quiet week, although on Wednesday, I was invited to join some of my co-workers in other groups in attending a meeting with a high-tec small company. It was a very impressive set-up they have there, and there was some quite good technical discussions. I think some of the others may get some good actual collaborative work out of it. I got to see some new equipment and it was an interesting learning experience for me. I also saw some new applications for some old technologies, such as ink technologies being applied to bio-nano fields. And I got lunch.

Today I had a couple of interesting discussions regarding where I want to take my work. Very positive. I probably won't talk too much about where I plan to take my work - it'll probably be more interesting if I just leave it as what has been done. (It won't, but at least you know that it is nt just idle dreaming). Also today, I finished the program I am writing, so that I can now measure the profile of my experiments as a function of time. This will come in useful later, but for now it means that I am a step closer to quick, easy, semi-automated analyses. Not bad for someone who isn't a programmer.

It may be a little while until my next post - we are going away for the weekend and then next week. I'll see how I go.

In the meanwhile:-

Poor postgrad Hubbard went to the cupboard to investigate the effect on canine well being of the procurement of bones. Unfortunately the grant money ran out and they were both forced to make do with free food from campus.


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