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Monday, I headed across to the cricket where I batted for the first time. I was happily attired in borrowed pads, gloves etc. and had warmed up well facing team-mates' spin. Finally, I got my turn, and the guy was running in! I don't think I'd ever faced someone running in before. In a middle-or-miss kind of way, I eked out a scratchy but valuable 2 as the score went from 35 to 43 before a combination of technique flaws, a terrible pitch and a ball that kept low conspired to see the bails separated from the stumps. We limped along to 57.

Fielding, we came out well, took a couple of early wickets and kept the pressure up as we won comfortably in the end, even if it was only by about 8 runs.

Tuesday night we had a combined meeting with Rebecca's guides. I organised a sort of monopoly-trivial pursuits type game. Knowing what my scouts are like, and having been fairly certain what Bec's guides would be like, I made a rule, right from the start, that if anyone talks out of turn, they would lose 40 points (about the value of getting a question right), and if they argued with a leader, it is another 40 points. At some point later, it became 80 points for saying that something wasn't fair.

My scouts are used to that kind of thing, and, apart from a "why don't you take 1000 points off us" (they really should know better...) they were generally pretty good. On the other hand, there were a couple of conversations as follows:

"40 points off them" "Noooooooooo" "Another 40" "Noooo" "And another 40" "That's not fair" "And 80" "Why?" "That's another 40" etc...

It was a good night, and I think everyone enjoyed it.

Wednesday, I actually had more emails that weren't spam than spam! And all it took was having lots of "happy birthday" emails. I had lunch with Rebecca on campus as well as doing some interesting experiments. I also spoke to Kathy for the first time in too long. It was good to speak to her, even though it was cut a little short because I was working.

After work, a few of the boys from work had gone to our local to watch a soccer match. I popped in for a pint before going out for dinner. We went to the truffle for dinner. Once again, a really nice meal. Only problem for the whole night (besides too much choice) was that they overcooked Bec's steak. Without complaint, they took it away and brought back a perfectly cooked steak and a fresh lot of vegies to go with it. As I said a little while ago, I accept that mis-steaks happen, but it is what people do to rectify it that is the mark of quality.

Yesterday was a long day. But a good one. After work, I came home, hunted around for my good shoes and black belt before getting dressed up in my lounge suit. After a brief stop in the pub for a quick couple of pints, Steve and I proudly represented Haemair in the Technium Awards dinner. We had been nominated for the Most Innovative Company award and, from a pool of about 70 companies, duly saluted, much to our surprise. Steve had to do the whole corporate thing and we did a lot of networking and stuff afterwards. It was a good night, but it was quite a long one. I got to sleep about 1. We were stoked to win it, as were everyone Steve called.

Today was a very quiet day in the office. I actually made it to the gym today, and had a fairly unconvincing session. We got a bit of stuff done though.

After work, Keith and I did some rearranging as we moved the new washing machine into the newly cleared and cleaned laundry/utility room. And I cooked a curry for the first time in a while.


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