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Australia lost by 2 runs. It was an exciting end to a good test match, where Australia played really badly and England played really well. 2 runs is the difference between those two skill levels.

Monday, I went into uni. On the train I caught up with Bob, who I haven't seen for months, but previously sat next to him regularly. Through the day, I gradually crossed things off my to do list, although not all of them.

At lunchtime, I caught up with Sabina, who was somewhere between very excited and in shock over her first day of work. The first day of work is always like that, isn't it. It was nice catching up with her. There are times when a lunchtime beer is quite appreciated, too.

On the train home, I sat next to Merv the policeman. Merv gave me some of the inside news from Melbourne footy club. It was not particularly encouraging, given that Melbourne needs to win at least 2 and probably 3 of the remaining 3 games to make the finals. Something which looked a certainty at 9wins, 3losses, and looks impossible at 9-10.

We then discussed security, terrorism, a national ID card and a centralised database. It will be very remiss of me if I don't go into a national ID card at some point, but not today.

At scouts, we had to come up with an activity quickly, because the leader who was supposed to run the activity had to work. We did some basic construction and then used it for a game. We even discussed hazard identification about it and used that to make some safety changes.

Next week, we are doing "mouse trap." That is where we get them to build a structure to transport a ball as far as possible creatively. Last time, it was rolling down one slope, through the basketball ring, down another and into a bucket.

This time we are going to try to teach them about pulleys and levers, so if anyone has any ideas for ways we can make a ball gain gravitational potential energy without the ball losing potential energy in a controlled manner, I would love to hear it.

Today, I have gone shopping, got dinner on to cook, called the plumber to have a leaky pipe fixed and done some amount of work. I am now about to do some more.

One thing which amused me, though. I was looking through AskJeeves for something, and in the advanced search options there is an option about adult content. One of the options being "limit exposure to adult content". I love ambiguous statements! Does this mean that the (exposure to adult content) should be limitted, or does it mean the exposure should be (limitted to adult content)? As little as possible or only? It made me smile, anyway.

But then, what is adult content? There are topics discussed on this site which may not be explicitly appropriate for children, even though I don't think there is anything on my site which would do any readers harm. Unless they watch reality TV. Or hand in one of my book reviews at school. There's stuff in the newspaper which may not be appropriate for children. Super Mario Brothers encourages people to kill enemies by jumping on their heads and throwing fireballs. (In general, the enemies were just wandering back and forth doing no harm to anybody. Mario and Luigi - terrorists or freedom fighters?) But I digress.

Why hide behind ambiguous phrases, such as "adult content"? Why not break it up, so that we can choose what we don't want to see. I don't really want to see sexually explicit images on the net (I use a slow modem at home, and I'm not going to do it work!), I have no objection to discussions on individuals' sexuality though. At what point does it become "adult content". Where do we draw the line for violence? For political subversiveness? For questions on religion, where the outcome has impacts on other people? On horror stories? Is a site on how to make a bomb "adult content"? On how to make drugs?

On the topic, this article by Matthew Pinkney has a most pertinent ending: After all, which newspaper headline would they prefer to see: "Teen in copycat drugs murder" or "Teen has sex after courting girlfriend"?.


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