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Academic jury duty

Been a busy couple of weeks. Because of the regular activities which you are hopefully all sick of reading about, I only really have Thursday night as a quiet night to myself, which usually makes it a good night for updating this site. The weekends are usually full of interesting stuff and housework (exclusive and), which leaves me with far less time than I would ideally like. Life's tough, huh?

It didn't happen last week, however, because I decided it would be a good time to make a start on the wallpaper in our bedroom. Between a couple of Rollins band CDs worth of removing wallpaper on Thursday and our collective efforts on Sunday, our bedroom now has clear walls. Oh, and I cooked a good curry.

The other problem with blog time has been that computer usage at home time has been taken up by email and related. This has been because I did something a little silly with my work computer, and decided that I should do a memtest. I like tales of my fallability, and here's another one. I put it on, and a few minutes later it had past the test and started on test 2. I had no idea how many tests it was supposed to do. It didn't say. I let it run. 2 days later, during which time computer time was used to catch up on my email, it was still running. Finally, (the other thing I did last Thursday) I sat down at my computer at home to catch up on a few days email and related. I then looked up about a memtest to see how many tests it needed to do. The answer was one, maybe two. I had done about 170. Sometimes you just have to laugh. At least I knew the memory is clean.

Friday I reinstalled my computer, figuring that, given that I'm running a 64-bit processor, I should use a 64-bit operating system. Reinstalling it was remarkably easy. Except for skype. Unfortunately, skype only runs a 32-bit program. Long story short, I've installed a little 32-bit operating system within my computer which I run skype from. But it works and I'm happy. One day I'll even learn what I'm doing while running a linux box.

My resolution to go to the gym is still going - I have only missed one morning so far. Last week I did a light weight, high repetition session - only to realise that the weights I was lifting with ease for many repetitions were the weights I was struggling with to do a normal session in the first week. It is good to know that I'm improving.

Similarly, I went to Welsh club, where my tutor was giving a talk about her PhD. I understood a large portion of what was said (unfortunately, if you miss a key word or two each sentence, you don't actually understand what's being said). Again, it is good to know that I'm improving.

Besides that, I am doing my academic equivalent of jury duty. I've been asked to review a paper. Because of the anonymity of the process, I'm not going to say too much about the technical stuff, although I'm enjoying the chance to go nit-picking. I love the smell of pedantry in the morning. Given that I've described it as the academic equivalent of jury duty, you can guess that I'm taking it seriously. I was also lucky that it came at a fortuitous time for me - something I was doing got postponed and I had a couple of days to fill, and I was asked to do it, which will fill the time nicely. And if nothing else, I can use it as evidence of a growing reputation (at least, if I need to for an internal evaluation)


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