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Actually, when my computer crashes, the only sound made is by me. It did so twice yesterday. I was not happy either time. It decreased my productivity markedly.

At least dinner was nice last night. I enjoyed it. I cooked silverside. Trying to cook it with the crockpot was unsuccessful. A switch being off saw to that, at 4PM I checked on it and it was cold. Not enough time to crockpot it, I had to cook it properly. After sitting on a simmer for 4 hours, it was lovely and tender, and I was able to throw lots more vegies in. Sweet potato goes mushy when it is simmered for 4 hours.

Today, I got up latish (I caught the 7:48 train in) and it has been a relatively unsuccessful day. The highpoint was that I realised that the reason my data analysis was giving me something I wasn't expecting was that my data was giving me something I wasn't expecting.

Once I accepted that it was real it took me a few minutes to come up with a hand-wavy explanation. I like hand wavy explanations. Hopefully I can turn this into another paper. Hopefully I can turn this into a longish section that will add to my thesis. Hopefully I can write and submit and graduate and live happily ever after.

Even the people on the train have started harrassing me about when I finish. I haven't even taken 4 years! If I was in America, I wouldn't even be thinking about finishing yet.

My computer crashing has made me think that I should get a new computer. I've emailed three companies in Melbourne to ask what they can do for me. I've not heard back from 2 of them, and 1 took a day and half to ask what sought (sic) of budjet (sic) I have. One would expect that sales in a computer store has the wherewithal to at least send back an email acknowledging receipt asking for clarification if necessary and giving a timeline for when they can answer me. English never goes astray, either/

It will be interesting to see, though, and at the end of the process I will rate the various performances. None of them are starting well. Hopefully they finish better.

As to the English - if I send someone an email or I write something here, it has a low level of formality, I don't bother to spellcheck (I should sometimes, I know, but then, I should probably read over my posts before putting them up!) If, however, I was to send written communication to a potential client, I would want to show them that I am thorough and professional and can be counted on to do a good job. Sloppy English, even by email, does not do this.

And for any bleeding hearts out there who want to say, "well, maybe English isn't his first language." Maybe not. A spell-checker would pick up budjet, and, if he is not a native English speaker, he should have someone go over his mail before sending it.

If there are any leaders of the business community who read this post, I'd be interested to hear your views on the matter. Same applies to any consumers, too.


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