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Have I learnt nothing?

For followers of the story, you may be familiar with this story. It's late at night, I'm in the lab, sitting, waiting for a line to plateau. This is how I plan to spend tonight.

I realise that this suggests that I have learnt nothing between yesterday's post and this one. You may be right. On the other hand, I am not planning on doing any thinking after about 8PM. I have planned out tonight's experiments in rigourous detail, and it should be fairly straightforward. Famous last words, I know, but I think I am close to getting what I want from this trip, and if I can get it by tomorrow, I can be home for the weekend. I miss being home.

Once I put myself on auto-pilot tonight, I will probably put in a post containing some silly theory or another. Maybe a conspiracy theory. I don't know that I've posted anything which makes the assumption that someone is actually controlling the world. The notion seems kind of silly to me.


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