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Lit review in a week?

I spoke to Justin about the progress of my thesis. He asked when I'd be finished. I told him that I don't know - it depends on how long the lit review takes me. He asked how long that would take. I told him that I don't know - I've never done one. I guessed a month, he guessed a week. Just to cut to the chase, he was right - it's taken me about a week.

Not much else has been happening. On the weekend, I tidied all my papers which were lying all over the house while watching the grand final. I thought that it was a good game and very well umpired. I was barracking for a draw. It didn't happen. It was won by less than a goal though.

After the game, we went down to Melbourne and went to Slichot. We got there early and watched the second half of the Ten Commandments. I'd never seen the movie before, but I'd read the book - I don't think the movie did the book justice. Seriously, it was full of Christian mythology and basically set up as a proof text for why a messiah was necessary. And I don't know why one version of the Christian Ten Commandments was given, rather than the Jewish one.

Sunday was Simon and Sharon's engagement party. A lovely party, plenty of food (always important) and it was good to catch up with various people.

Monday, Dad stayed on his way to a meeting in Ararat. I cooked a lamb curry (vegetarian!) and a watermelon curry. Lamb curry was good, but I used to much garlic in the watermelon.

Last night, we won our volleyball game 8 sets - 0. We played really well, worked as a team and were up against a poor opposition. Next week we play the top team.

The train trip is almost over, so just a quick story. Repunzel was a PhD student who was writing up her thesis. She was imprisoned in an ivory tower by her evil supervisor. As she was procrastinating, along came a postdoc who decided he could collaborate with her. He called up to her "Repunzel, Repunzel, let down your hair" Repunzel did so, and the postdoc climbed up her hair, giving her severe neck-ache so that she was unable to work. She dropped out, got a job and lived happily ever after.


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