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This weekend saw Bec and I walking down to the market to get some food for dinner. We managed to pick up some fish quite cheaply, which was good. On the way, I bumped into two people I know from different contexts. A little more of that and I might start feeling like a local. In the evening, we took advantage of the evenings getting later to toss around the frisbee for about 50 minutes. It was fun and good exercise, and even though I have dropped a little bit of weight recently (my thesis gut is gradually decreasing), I still don't actually seem to have any brakes.

Sunday saw us go for another walk with Tawe Trekkers, this time to the North Gower. Once again, it was a lovely walk with good company. We met a girl from Melbourne. On the way home we stopped to return a mattress protector which claimed to be dust-mite resistant but had quite large pores (no, we hadn't used it). The customer service was good and we were able to exchange with no problems.


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