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Walk, talk and pesach

It's been a while since I last wrote a personal piece, and it has been quite a busy couple of weeks. The week after we went to the forest of Dean, I carried on making incremental progress towards getting my equipment working. At the moment, the hold up is that we can't work out how to connect it to the power supply.

Last Sunday we went for a walk with Tawe Trekkers out to Margam Park. It was a lovely walk, encompassing rolling hills, spooky forests, a deer park, a reservoir and a host of lovely sights. In many ways, it was a good representation of Swansea - from the top of the hill, on one side you look out over the bay with the steelworks and BOC in the foreground, while on the other you look out over park and farmland in the countryside.

Through the start of the week, we had a conference at Miskin Manor, just outside of Cardiff. There were some very good talks. Highlight was Gareth (as usual) who presented on the rheology of slug mucous, showing how slugs use the mucous to crawl up walls and how the actual rheology is essential for the slug to be able to move while using as little energy as possible. It was also nice to catch up with people such as Gareth, Adam and Jason, as well as meeting a variety of people I'll be working with over the coming years.

Wednesday, the conference finished about lunchtime, and I made my way to Bec's work. It was nice to meet some of her workmates who I'd heard quite a bit about. I also caught up on my Welsh homework.

Wednesday evening, we made our way down to Weston-Super-Mare to visit Philip and family. The seder was lovely, although it was slightly different from the traditional Lubansky family seder. The tunes were slightly different, and they finished with Chad Gadya, whereas we always finished the seder with "There was an old lady who swallowed a fly"

We spent a nice couple of days at Philip's place and we went for a walk through the Mendips before heading back home. To all who celebrate it, Chag Sameach


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