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Mark - the first week

While I don't plan for this site to become purely a doting dad writing about his new son, I hope you will indulge me a little longer. I do accept, however, that that is probably more interesting to most readers than the twice a month "sorry, I've been flat out" posts that I was writing earlier in the year.

I'm not sure where the first week has gone. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it has been exceeded my expectations anyway. I think I was expecting a few months of blob-like milk-into-poo crying machine. He mostly cries when he is hungry, and we get a fair bit of warning as he starts rooting around (once again, witness proud Dad!) Certainly there is the feeding and the nappies. For obvious reasons, I'm not brilliantly well qualified to comment on the feeding, playing little more than a waiter-to-his-mother role. And as far as the nappies go, well, while no one actually likes changing nappies (anyone who does is, ummm, welcome to come and visit) it isn't as bad as I'd imagined, although he doesn't seem to like it when I change him. We've found that he does like looking in a mirror (He must get it from his Mum) This is particularly useful when he is being changed - he thinks he should cry, but doing so changes the reflection, which interests him, so he forgets to cry and looks at the mirror instead.

He isn't particularly blob-like, either. While it will be a while before he is able to hang out the washing, or even crawl, he has a lot more mobility than we expected. He has been remarkably good at moving his arms and legs, and is able to help me put his arms in his singlets/baby-grows (or hinder, depending on mood). He is also getting better head control - he can lift his head and turn it without it dropping back down with a thud on my chest. He also has a decent kick and punch to him when he is being carried in a baby carrier. I have a little bit more sympathy for his mother now!

Besides the standard eat-sleep-nappy-play arrangement, we have managed to go for a couple of walks. We were relieved that he falls asleep easily in the pram for when Rebecca gets sick of my singing. We even made it to the farmers market, and he was very good almost until the end, when, not unreasonably, he was hungry. He was still very good then, he just only has one audible means of communication.

We have still got Mum and Dad here, and it has been a big help with the little chores like cooking, doing the washing etc., altough I'm glad they are staying elsewhere (nearby but elsewhere), so that we don't need to worry about disturbing their sleep (their room would have been the one Bec uses to change the middle of the night post-feed nappies and we use to change the upstairs nappies)

None of this, of course, means that there aren't times when it is hard work. The night-time feedings and changings are hard work for Rebecca. Hearing about it is hard work for me. Having to suddenly think about things (e.g. "I'll watch him and soothe him, you go and have your breakfast before he wakes up and wants a feed." Or "You go shower, clean your teeth etc. I'll watch him."). But it is a small price to pay.


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