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What's verse, its the end of paternity leave

Week one of Mark's life
was covered in prose,
The second shall be
in verse, I suppose

Well, on the surface,
'twas just like week one:
Nappies and crying
and feeding with Mum

He fed and he pooed;
He fed and he grew.
Now he is nearly
At size number two.

Seems more alert now,
awake and aware
Strengthening muscles
and thickening hair

Not everything starts
from birth like you think
'ven seeing him do
a proper quick blink

Following objects
When he's moved around
A quick little jump
At sudden loud sounds

Learn to make new sounds
A gurgle, a coo
Crawl up Daddy's chest
New textures of poo

But not all his firsts
Are things that he did
'Twere also some things
happen to the kid

First trip to the shops
more walks out the door
First visit from friends
You know there'll be more.

A library trip
to get your first card
Mum filled out the form
That wasn't so hard!

In English and Welsh
Was registered birth
His form that will last
His time on the Earth

He still sleeps so well;
is easy to settle
Whenever his Dad
puts on some metal

The end of my leave
draws ever nearer
Next week his Mum'll
soothe with Pantera

Regardless of that
he's still my cute boy
Daddy's adoreable
Pride and his joy


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