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A night in the life of...

What a difference a day makes. I choose to start the day at around 3AM. It makes for quite a good day.

3AM: Speak to Rebecca for half an hour. Spirits lifted; I am happy (but tired).

3:30AM: Finish speaking to her. Start preparing to prepare the final channel. The last bastion of hope.

9AM: Channel is ready. I go back to Geoff and Michelle's place. Like the man running behind a car, I am exhausted.

10AM: I get to Geoff and Michelle's place. I am asleep within seconds of putting my head on the pillow.

4:30PM: I wake up, shower, have breakfast and get ready to go.

6PM: I go into uni.

7PM: I get things ready for my experiments while Joeska finishes her experiments. I also help her with a problem she has

9PM: Notice crack in slide. Am incredibly disheartened.

9:01PM: Joeska says she can fix it

9:30PM: Joeska has fixed it. Am credibly enheartened.

9:45PM: Experiments begin. Drops form and deform.

11PM: YAY!!

12PM: Next lot. (I hope).

So, there you have it: Body clock is drastically out of kilter; Without the aid of a watch, I'd think it was sometime in the middle of the day; I have some results. Now I have to get the other set of results, analyse them, something - something, live happily ever after. And that's one small step for man. One giant leap for a droplet.

Q: When was Rome built? A: At night. Q: At night? A: Rome wasn't built in a day.


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