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Lambs to the Slaughter

Last weekend, we got up and headed down to the Cotswolds for the long weekend (cue cliched and not particularly funny joke about weekends with parents-in-law being long weekends). On the way, we stopped for lunch at an Arboretum. We had a nice enough (albeit expensive) lunch and a nice enough stroll, but I think the £7 each was a little on the excessive side.

We arrived at the Fox Inn in Lower Oddington. Nice enough place. Will be better when England joins the more civilised parts of the UK and bans smoking. We had a nice walk through the area; Joan, Keith and Rebecca enjoying the quaint old stone houses and walls. We then got changed and had dinner. Again, nice enough, particularly after we moved away from the smoker.

I know I've said it before, but I can't understand why, if smokers want to smoke, they insist on holding the cigarette as far away from them as possible while not actively inhaling.

Sunday we went to Warwick Castle. Besides your standard museum-y type things, we got to see a jousting demonstration, which is really just a quaint old version of pro-wrestling, and the loading and firing of a trebuchet. The trebuchet was really cool. Basically a double pendulum initially started by a six and a half tonne weight. The 50kg rock they fired stayed fired. They made jokes about using other stuff such as dead pigs, flaming oil or mother-in-laws. I didn't make any such jokes.

We took a brief break from seeing the castle to have lunch at tea rooms in Warwick. Again, quite nice.

Afterwards, back to the hotel and then off to dinner at a different pub. Again, nice enough food. I actually got roast beef which was still pink rather than being charred to a crisp. The service began well, but soon went down hill as we had to ask for water three times. Oh well.

Monday, we went for a drive through a few of the towns, such as Stowe on the Wolds, Murton on the Water and Upper and Lower Slaughter. We went through lots of quaint old touristy shops selling highly over-priced stuff you don't need.

After lunch, we went to Abergavenny for high tea at the Angel. Nice as always. Not interesting to write about, but nice.

Next stop was Ebbw Vale. Keith had done part of his Masters Thesis on the railway in Ebbw Vale, or something similar, so we went through there so that he could see it. Mission accomplished; back home we went.

Tuesday and back to work. I might have something I care to write about soon. Probably after I get back from holidays next week (more shortly). After work, I headed down to Fairwood for the cricket. The batsmen did well on a pitch that didn't bounce, scoring about 110 off the 13 overs. In the field, the opening bowlers skittled the top order. I got a couple of overs at the middle order. My first over, the radar wasn't quite working and the pitch didn't help (one ball, despite not being short, bounced about 4 times for a no-ball). I also had a couple of lofted shots fall just short of fieldsmen. Fortunately, I got another over. The ball came out a little better, as one of the early deliveries carried to mid-on. Later in the over, the batsman tried charging down the pitch to me. A flighted delivery and some brilliant work by the keeper, and I had 2 for 16 off 2 overs. We won comfortably.

This morning, we took Keith and Joan to the Uplands Diner for a traditional breakfast. Greasy and fried. What a great way to start the day!

Next week, we are off to France for the week as half of my leave until mid-October disappears. Our irregularly scheduled programming should be back in mid-June. I might post something before I go, but I doubt it. Hopefully I'll get time to review a book or two while I'm away, but no promises.


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