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Sunday? That's...

I got home and Bec and I went for dinner with Brett and Rebekah. It was a great meal and great company. I enjoyed it immensely.

The next morning was not nearly as pleasurable (no, I was not hungover). Bec and I had an 8:15 flight, so we had to leave home at 6 so we had to get up at 5:30. On the way, we stopped at Coles to get the paper. There were two people working and one bloke ahead of me. The worker on the register finished wiping it down and then served him while the other worker played at another register. He decided to pay for a $4 purchase with a card, and it wouldn't work. Meanwhile, a queue is building up behind me. At 6AM. The other worker stopped what she was doing, went over to try helping the guy with the card. (Swipe it like this. Try tape. Try a bag. etc) 5 minutes later, I was served. I was actually out the door before the guy with the card. This is in stark contrast with the grocers I normally go to, Wilson's, where, if there is ever anyone waiting, someone will come and open another register, so I never have to wait in line there.

The flight across to Perth was uneventful. I watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I know it is a kid's movie but still... I can take the violations of the laws of physics when it is a necessary plot device. I accept that mass conservation needed to be violated for Violet. But when Augustus is sucked up the tube and they are relying on pressure to push him out, he either gets pushed up or the tube leaks. One or the other. Not both.

We got to Perth and went to Julie's place. It was nice to be able to spend some time with her. As we were getting changed and ready for Fiona and Cameron's wedding, we were called up by our real estate agent. Our open house was a roaring success. We had 18 people through and offers we are very happy with! That's one less hassle, anyway.

The wedding was lovely, although a little too close to the airport and flightpath...the ceremony had to be stopped once because of a plane. It was also nice to be able to catch up with various relatives.

The rest of the time was a nice little holiday: Eating and relaxing.

We got back home just in time for the Simchat Torach service. It was a typical lovely Simchat Torah service.

Today, I have had the fun and games of trying to dispose of my car. Having been informed by the mechanics that it would cost almost $500 more to fix than they had originally said, more than it was worth to me, and having been advised by my mechanic that it would be worth about $500 to a wrecker, I have told them not to go ahead.

They tried talking me into not getting it wrecked. They tried telling me it was worth more than it was. I asked if they wanted to buy it. Their credibility dropped by a fair bit when they said no to a price far less than they said it was worth. After a ring around, I got a price I'd accept from a wrecker. I then got a call back from the mechanic offering me a price I'd have quite happily accepted, so I did.

This afternoon, I cleared a box of my stuff from the car, completed the sale, picked Mum and Dad up from the airport and got dropped off at the station. I am now at home.

Charlie and the Degree Factory (the abridged version)

Once upon a time there was a boy named Charlie... actually, I don't think I could write anything here to compete with a half active imagination; I'll the rest of the story as an exercise for the reader.


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