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The bedroom

This week, we celebrated a momentous event. No, not that one. The baby is still happily where he is. We moved into our bedroom. We have only been living here for a year and a half. It was the first time our bed has ever been up stairs.

We had a few friends come around and help, and the moving got done quickly, easily and efficiently.

It has actually been quite a productive week on the home front. While we haven't quite finished all the decorating in the bedrooms, we have done everything we need to before the baby arrives, and everything else can be done at our leisure.

We now have a lot more space downstairs. Unfortunately, this has the trade-off that a lot more of the wallpaper is visible! We'll get there though.

It has also been quite a good week on the work front. I submitted two papers, and got a fair bit done on some other ones. I might actually achieve most of the things I wanted to before I go on paternity leave.

And, of course, this week also saw the start of Passover, a festival celebrating the exodus from Egypt and freedom. Rebecca and I had a lovely Seder, even if there weren't any children. We had lots of traditional food - I made gefilte fish, charoset and brisket, while Rebecca made chicken soup and kneidlach. She also made lamb shank soup, primarily so that we could have a shank bone to roast for the seder plate.

One of the best things about the Seder (apart from the food and songs) is that the night revolves around story and explanation. Things like:

Salad platters. Why do we eat them? We eat them to remind ourselves of the work our mothers did in preparing the salad platter. Our mothers and not us, for had we been there, our mothers would still have made the salad platter.


Comment from Davide

Remember..... still a wall missing in the bedroom


I respond

Yes, but we can get to that when we get to it: it doesn't require any significant relocation of furniture, and while the plaster has a slight orange smell, there is nothing that stops us being in the room while it is happening

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