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President Lubansky

As readers of this site will know, the solution to all the world's problems lies in just one simple step: giving me more power. If things aren't as they should be, it is just proof that I don't have enough power. With that in mind, you have to commend Swansea Magpies and the Welsh Australian Football League for appointing me president of the Swansea Magpies (no, it doesn't get written without the Swansea). In other words, I didn't step back fast enough, and I have got what will prove to be a thankless task. Next pre-season I have to work on my evasion skills...

I've made it to one Presidents' meeting so far, and made a few suggestions. Hopefully they get acted on, and the competition will be much better as a result.

I have also been appointed assistant coach of the Welsh Aussie Rules side. I don't think I can get away with the same trick I pulled last time I coached (cue flashback cliches...)

Leading the Chem Eng side against our arch nemesis, Enviro Eng, I saw we were in a bit of trouble at 3 quarter time. Several goals down, but with a strong wind at our backs. I made a couple of key moves, bringing on Fitzy and Mike. Taking advantage of the fact that hippies can't count, I didn't take anyone off. In the spirit of participation, of course. In the dying moments of the game, we were down by less than a goal. I said to the timekeeper, "Don't blow the siren until we are in front." A minute later, we were and he did. Victory to Chem Eng. The only thing better than having the win was having them spluttering that we cheated.

Anyway, this time we are playing properly. It isn't so much that we are committed to playing fairly, as we won't have those opportunities. Serious game, and we wouldn't do it anyway.

Training numbers have been a little disappointing. Particularly for those players with a chance of representing their country.

We had a practice game on Sunday, with the Welsh side playing against the non-Welsh players. Donning guernsey and boots, I played in the ruck and at full-forward (so that I could see how the ruck and defence were set-up). Disappointingly, I won a few hitouts and kicked a goal, which means neither the ruck or defence are quite as tight as I would like. It was probably the only game I've ever played where I would quite like to have been beaten convincingly, as it would mean the Welsh players were just a bit further along than they are. Hopefully they'll be alright this weekend, as they have a tournament in Manchester.

I won't be able to come, as we have Lindel visiting. She arrived last night, and it was good to see her. She's only here for a short time, though, as she leaves on the weekend (hence me not going to the tournament).

Besides that, life's moving along as life does. The floorboards are nearly finished (we have one board to put back properly).


Comment from Revi

Carn the Spies?

Comment from gelfen

who did you bring on? there was someone else as i recall. his name escapes me at the moment....

good ol' Swansea forever

I respond

You were already on, if I recall correctly.

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