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Press conferences as a pub game

Sunday, Bec and I took Mum to a museum near Cardiff. It was very good - they had a variety of buildings from different parts of Wales and at different times. It was interestig to see the wide variety of housing even over the last 150 years or so.

We then had a pub lunch in Cardiff Bay. The pub had a non-smoking section, and the only other people in it were Australians. After eavesdropping for a little bit, we worked out they were from Greensborough in Melbourne. For some reason, the British don't seem to actually use non-smoking sections.

We then saw the Senedd (Welsh Assembly Building) and some of the other buildings before coffee and home.

Tuesday morning, I got up at 3AM and took Mum to the bus station. After seeing her onto her bus to the airport, I went back home, got a couple more hours' sleep before getting up and going to work. At work, I was on a training course on the Power and Perils of PR (not my alliteration). It was a very interesting course, culminating in a session where we had to present a short statement on our research before fielding questions from the other people on the course. The questioners were supposed to ask difficult questions to try to trap the victim. The session was made much worse (by which I mean better - more stressful / lifelike) by being video recorded.

I thought I generally did ok, although there was one question I should have said a little less on, and one question I thought I could have delivered a little better. I also decided that I do not like the sound of my voice recorded. This, incidentally, is why I don't do an audioblog. That and I like the printed word.

When it was other people's turns though, I had a lot of fun: asking tough questions, trying to make people slip up, taking people out of context. It occurred to me that something like this would make a decent drinking game. One person has to give a 30 second statement, after which everyone has to ask tough questions to try to make a media beat-up style news-story. I reckon it would be almost as good as Doug's Ice game.


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