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Proms in the Park

Friday was an altogether good day. After various problems and stresses I've been having over the last couple of weeks, not least the incompetence of our mortgage company, a few things seemed to resolve themselves. First things first, go Dees! A great win by Melbourne. And because it was a come-from-behind win, the headlines must refer to it as a courageous win, otherwise the editors get thrown out of the sports writers union.

Next, I resolved a problem I've been having for a little while with the help of my brother and the ancient greeks. Something technical - I won't bore you with details, although I may put up pictures if and when I build it.

Finally, I went round to the place we are buying because I was having a quote for some work done, and I had a nice chat with the vendors. They are as keen for us to move in when we need to as we are to move in when we need to, so as long as no more problems pop up, hopefully that should happen. They also said they'd leave us a couple of book shelves, which never goes astray.

Saturday, we packed up most of our stuff, so we should be up and running without any problems from that end (but I reserve the right to revise this at any stage until we have actually moved in).

Saturday night, we went to Proms in the Park with the Tawe Trekkers. It was a good night. I was entertained by the crowd response. Every cheap pop to how good the crowd is, and every bow to Welsh nationalism was greeted with cheers, applause and the waving of Welsh flags. Biggest response was to the Welsh language songs. Particularly "Hen wlad fy Nhadau". A response far closer to a hand-on-heart American's than an Australian's on listening to Advance Australia Fair. Although Rule Brittania got a big response, too. Apparently, Brittania rules the waves. I'm not entirely convinced that that's the case anymore, but I could be wrong. And then, of course, a dry, still night finished with the obligatory fireworks. Some impressive ones, but I didn't think they had the story right. Still, as Bec said, its been a while since we've seen fireworks.

Highlight for me was the Dvorak pieces. I liked them even better than Qwerty's symphonies. All in all, a good night and a good time. It was kinda surreal, however, to be at a major British event that close to my work and my home.


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